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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.


Adorable Imaginary Animals From Imaginism Studios

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Bobby Chiu and Kei Acedera are the team behind Imaginism Studios. And the name is certainly appropriate if the illustrations on their DeviantArt page are any indication. Take a look at just a small sampling of some of the creatures they’ve created. If they were real, we’d love to have them as pets.

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  • Marian Librarian

    If wishing made it so, the little creature from Flight of the Navigator would be mine!

  • Anonymous

    Well, he doesn’t have a home so you would have to give him a good one.

  • Rogue

    The Little Reader reminds me of my childhood

  • kandy830

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  • Gneiss_and_a_little_wacke

    Oh my gosh! Adorable! I just love the people who come up with such fantastic imaginary creatures that you just can’t imagine not existing somewhere.

    Also if you like these I highly recommend taking a look at:

    If I had all the money I would have shelf homes inhabited by all the Scaleybugs and that “Ugly Duckling” would smile down at me all the time.