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  1. Sailor Moon Newbie Recap: Episodes 9 and 10

    Mars Power... Make Up!

    This week: clocks, buses, and the most ridiculous Tuxedo Mask rescue yet. Get out of here, Tuxedo Mask.

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  2. In Sext Adventure, a Sexting Robot Doesn’t Conform to Your Human Notions of Gender

    "You receive a sext. Are you DTF? Y/N:"

    Can a robot love? The world may never know, but we do know it can sext, thanks to Sext Adventure. Created by Kara Stone and developed by Nadine Lessio, Sext Adventure is a game that is played entirely within text messages on your phone. The bot on the other end takes you through a sexting narrative based on how you respond to it in the style of old school text adventure games—like talking to SmarterChild, but with more racy photos.

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  3. Things We Saw Today: New Star Wars Writer and Director Meet the Big Boss

    Things We Saw Today

    I feel comfortable that a Star Wars spinoff is in the hands of such dorks. (Collider)

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  4. Scientists Created A Molecule That Can Stop You From Feeling Pain And Also Itchiness

    Allergy sufferers of the world, rejoice.

    Pain in general is terrible, but there's a special kind of hell involved when things get both painful and itchy, simultaneously. Researchers at Duke University have been working hard to stop your painful itches in their tracks, and may have developed a molecule that can stop your brain from receiving that exact type of message.

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  5. Game Of Thrones Recap: Mockingbird


    Last week's Game of Thrones had a fan favorite fighting for his freedom. This week has that same character brewing for a life-changing (or life-ending) confrontation, while a manipulator we love to hate made a move that has us conflicted. What went down? How are we handling it? Dig in then sound off in comments. Note: Please keep your comments to this recap free of book spoilers. Those comments are welcome on our spoiler-friendly post here.

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  6. Agents of SHIELD Recap: “Ragtag”


    Penultimate episode of SHIELD season 1! Apparently they're gonna try to make me feel feelings about Ward? We'll see, SHIELD. We'll see. My "No Murderers" stance is pretty strong.

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  7. Comics Review: Lumberjanes


    From Nimona creator Noelle Stevenson, first-time comic author Grace Ellis, and artist Brooke Allen comes Lumberjanes! Produced by Boom! Studios, this first book is a delightful camp adventure in the weird-but-true style of Psychonauts and other such strange adventures.

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  8. Heroes Reborn Is Already Getting a Prequel Because What Are You DOING, NBC?

    You had your chance at redemption, and that was The Cape. Give it up already.

    Nothing will ever disappoint a certain generation of TV-watching nerds (cough) quite as devastatingly as Heroes did when it first went downhill, so you can bet that we're all pretty twitchy when discussing the upcoming 13-episode miniseries, Heroes: Reborn. Well... you might want to be sitting down. You're about to get twitchier.

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  9. Oh Geez, The New Series of Simpsons-themed LEGO Minifigs Are Too Perfect

    To borrow a line from a different show, we want to go to there.

    So far we've been doing a good job of not buying the amazing(ly expensive) Simpsons house replica from LEGO, and our wallets have appreciated the effort. But now they're releasing special minifigs at $4 each, and y'all, I don't know that we can hold out much longer. Just look at their little mostly yellow faces. It's too much.

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  10. That Halloween Costume Wasn’t Accurate, the New Ninja Turtles Look Pretty Good

    I give them a 9. A 9.95.

    Last week, everyone was pretty upset about the purportedly leaked image of a Michelangelo Halloween costume based on the upcoming Michael Bay Ninja Turtles. Luckily, it seems that the Halloween costume was just a really poor take on a turtle design that is actually pretty OK, and shots of what they should actually look like surfaced today.

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