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  1. Just Wonder Woman Hanging Out With Deadpool and Man of Steel‘s Faora, NBD

    That or else Gadot and Traue have a really weird growth.

    Gal Gadot posted the above picture to her Facebook page with a caption explaining it's her, her friend Antje Traue, and Ryan Reynolds hanging out on the set of the upcoming crime drama Criminal, in which she and Reynolds co-star. But I prefer to believe this is Wonder Woman, Faora, and Deadpool stopping for a stretch break on a road trip they all took together to get away from bad directors.

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  2. Faora Makes a Pretty Excellent Face at General Zod In New Man of Steel Picture

    i swear by my pretty floral bonnet i will end you

    Thanks to Empire Magazine we have a slew of new Man of Steel pics, and while most of them are kind of blah (they're behind the cut if you want to judge for yourself), this one in particular, of the baddie Faora (Antje Traue) making an epic "Oh, really?" face at General Zod, caught my eye. It's official: I love her. There's no going back for me now.

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  3. First Look At Man of Steel Villain Faora and Her Full Suit of Armor

    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    The last time we got a good look at Antje Traue's full costume in Man of Steel it was on an action figure. And the other day we got a tiny look at the top of this picture and some kind of weird Kryptonian head-hologram. But here's Traue in Faora's lovely full suit of armor. Previously in Man of Steel

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  4. First Good Look at Man of Steel‘s Female Villain Faora

    Faster than a speeding bullet!

    And by good look, I mean good god, she could kick all of our asses. Not a lot is known about the Faora, played by Antje Traue, that we'll be seeing in Man of Steel. She's an obscure Superman character who could do with a more modern update, and may wind up drawing more from Ursa of Superman II. But what we do know now is that she looks like a stone cold badass. Previously in Man of Steel

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  5. Amy Adams Promises: No Super/Wondy/Lane Love Triangle, and Other Script Details From Batman v Superman

    "And then I said 'There's the door, spaceman.'" "Classic!"

    It's a rough life, hoping for a greater presence for female characters in superhero movies. So it's not particularly surprising that folks can find potential sooty interiors to any silver lining, namely, that now that Superman and Wonder Woman are an item in comics, it might mean that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice will release with a healthy helping of that tired trope of female competition over a man.

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  6. The Deadpool Movie Finally Has a Release Date, It’s All Happening

    This sh*t is bananas.

    Luckily that test footage we saw recently wasn't just an empty tease—the Deadpool movie is really happening, and now we know when we can expect to be swaddled in its rich corinthian leather and hilarity.

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  7. Julianne Moore Vamps It Up In New Trailer for Fantasy Actioner Seventh Son

    Was that an AXE BONE WHIP?!

    Seventh Son, starring Jeff Bridges as a witch-hunter, Ben Barnes as his first-day-on-the-job apprentice, and Julianne Moore as a dragon-witch thing, has been floundering around for a while now–we first told you about it over a year ago. Watching this new trailer, I can’t imagine why Legendary Pictures hasn't rushed to get this absolute gem into theaters.

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  8. And Now, The Winners Of the First Annual Mary Sues

    Not all that glitters is gold

    You over the Oscars yet? Over its lack of surprises and its egregious absence of extravagant musical numbers (AMPAS, how can you have Ellen host and not give her a dance number?) and its general boringness? Good. Me, too. We have a much more fun awards reveal for you today: The 2014 Mary Sues, which is like the Oscars, except only geeky films are in the running and for the last month we've invited you to vote on the winners. And we have something the Academy Awards doesn't have: GIFS. Let's get started:

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  9. Gal Gadot is History’s First Movie Wonder Woman

    Great Hera!

    There are a lot of things we don't know about Wonder Woman in Batman "Not the Actual Title" vs. Superman. But what we know right now is: She will be in it. And she will be played by Israeli actress Gal Gadot of the Fast and Furious movies.

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  10. Rumor: Marvel Has Peggy Carter-Based TV Series In Early Development

    Great Hera!

    According to Deadline, Marvel is in the process of coming up with a viable TV concept for Peggy Carter, the female lead of Captain America: The First Avenger, and the first female character to headline a project set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (if you count shorts, that is). To be clear: this isn't an official announcement, Deadline was unable to find a Marvel Studio representative to comment on it, and even if true "working on a concept for a potential TV series" is not the same as "putting a pilot into development" or "shopping to networks." But lets talk about the ways in which this makes sense and doesn't make sense.

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