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  1. Things We Saw Today: Historic Women in STEM Cameo Jewelry

    Things I Need Today.

    Auberg Designs is now hand-making these beautiful Historical Women in STEM pendants! Including Grace Hopper, Ada Lovelace, Hypatia, Sophie Germaine, Hedy Lamarr, and Marie Curie. If you dig them, everything in the shop is 20% off today! (via Facebook)

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  2. Nintendo May Be Considering Official Game Boy System Family Emulators for Phones and More

    Now you're playing with power our emotions.

    Nintendo's been stubborn about bringing at least some of its back catalog to 3rd party devices, but a recent filing with the US Patent and Trademark Office suggests they may be considering it as a possibility.

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  3. Dorkly Shows Us Black Friday As Perfectly Represented In Film

    The terror.

    Black Friday is great for deals - from the comfort of your couch while online shopping. Try to venture out into the world, however, and you may come to some harm - as these amazing movie edits via Dorkly illustrate perfectly. Stay safe on your bargain hunt, Mary Suevians!

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  4. Everyone’s Already Making Fun Of The Star Wars Trailer Lightsaber Because Of Course They Are


    By now we're guessing all of you have sat down and watched the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer that dropped on iTunes today. Think back to those glorious 88 seconds. What was your reaction when the Sith Lord unleashed his (or her, shhhhh let me dream it was Lupita) lightsaber and it looked like... well, this?

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  5. Dragon Age Inquisition‘s Krem Is Maybe The Awesomest Representation Of A Trans Character In A Mainstream Game

    Krem is a mercenary in Iron Bull's group, the Chargers - and he also happens to be trans. That fact isn't even brought up until about halfway through the game, when you sit down to have a conversation with the Chargers - and Iron Bull handles the situation with much aplomb.

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  6. The Batgirl Next Door: An Interview With Babs Tarr

    From her beginnings in the comic book world (Batgirl’s her first book?!) to whom she’s most looking forward to penciling, one thing’s for certain: Babs Tarr is proving she’s not just a flash in the pan.

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  7. It’s Galadriel vs. Leia In The Latest Princess Rap Battle

    "How's Alderaan doing? Oh sorry, too soon?"

    Sorry Galadriel, but today of all days? Leia wins.

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  8. 10 Things You Need For Your Dream Star Wars Kitchen

    The following piece was originally written for She Geeks, and has been re-posted here with permission. I love cooking. I love baking. I love throwing dinner parties (though the general consensus is that they will, in fact, be the death of me one day). I am a big ‘ole fan of Dance Cooking in particular. […]

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  9. Whoa, Guys, The Mega Man Comic Got Dark

    The Mega Man comic has been chugging along comfortably for the last three years under the Archie Comics label, which has been undergoing a slow evolution with some genuinely new and surprising ideas and storylines.

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  10. Geeks Won’t Want to Miss Out on These Black Friday Deals

    Hey, geeks! We know lots of folks are taking advantage of Black Friday deals in physical stores today but the old interweb has lots to offer too! We've collected a few deals you might be interested in.

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