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  1. Comixology Announces DRM Free Digital Comics Downloads: You Can Really Own Your Comics Now

    Time to buy a new external hard drive.

    I love digital comics for what they do for my ability to read back issues, try out new series, and get caught up on old. But there's always that little consumer worry in the back of my head: what I'm trading for this convenience is that technically I'm renting those comics, not buying them. No more, says Comixology. Kinda.

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  2. Holy Expensive Nostalgia, Batman! The Complete Adam West Series Coming To DVD And Blu-Ray In November

    Du nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh finally!

    In the hustle and bustle of SDCC, it can be easy to forget that time is brutally galloping apace and soon it will be winter. That's okay though! Look forward to hibernating this year with the first-ever release of the entire Batman 1966 series on DVD and Blu-Ray, complete with exactly the kind of retro swag Adam West fans will appreciate.

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  3. Dorkly Looks At The Wide World of Adventure Time Mashups

    The Ice King is coming.

    For every fandom, there is an Adventure Time.

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  4. Twin Peaks/Muppets Mashup Art, Because You’re Not Freaked Out Enough Right Now


    Maybe it's just that it's late Friday afternoon and I'm in something of a San Diego Comic-Con-induced fugue state, but these Twin Peaks/Muppet illustrations by Justin DeVine are doing really messed-up things to my head. Though the felt of future past. The puppeteer longs to see. One sings out between two worlds. Fire flail with me.

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  5. Lucy Lawless To Play Isabelle Hartly On S.H.I.E.L.D., New Characters Revealed [Update With Video: Will The Mockingbird Make An Appearance?]


    Marvel's SDCC TV panel just revealed the roles of several actors on S.H.I.E.L.D., including Lucy Lawless. Spoilers for Season 2 after the jump.

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  6. Things We Saw Today: To-Scale Rocket Raccoon Cosplay

    Alright, kid, let me see your snarl!

    The only thing capable of trumping Vin Diesel on stilts is the inevitable child cosplay. Check out some of Rocket's moves over on Tyndalecode's Instagram.

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  7. The Legend of Korra Panel Confirms Move to Digital, Also Sings “Secret Tunnel”

    It's a real legend, all right.

    The Comic-Con panel for The Legend of Korra wrapped just a few hours ago, so now we know more about the impending switch to digital. Don't worry, this actually might be a good thing for the show, series creator Bryan Konietzko told a packed Ballroom 20 earlier—but regardless, this might be the last big Korra-themed panel at Comic-Con.

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  8. “I MADE THAT CAPE OF DICKS AND NOW IT IS ON THE MARY SUE”: The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week

    Perhaps the best sentence ever typed in the English language.

    This week in our favorite comments: A The Little Mermaid singalong, Clippy invading 50 Shades of Grey, Pedro Pascal, Hawkguy, the legendary Cape of Dicks, and more.

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  9. The List of New Game of Thrones Actors Is the Stuff Of Which Dreams Are Made


    Remember how everybody was all, "You know what would be real great? Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell." WELL HOLD ON TO YOUR DORNISH BUTTS, FRIENDS. Spoilers to follow, naturally.

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  10. Breaking: Patrick Wilson And Other Major Cast Members May Have Left Ant-Man

    Can't, man?

    Unconfirmed but not necessarily improbable rumor alert: Deadline is reporting that Patrick Wilson and two other "major" cast members have dropped out of the beleaguered Ant-Man.

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