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Allow us to explain.

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8 Things We’re Thankful For



This summer Jill and I were invited to be speakers and moderators at our first GeekGirlCon, and after some professional backing from our network, for which we’re very thankful indeed, we trekked out to Seattle for a wonderful weekend. I don’t have a ton of con experience, particularly with small cons, but I was simply blown away with the mood of GGC.

My fears that the con would be disappointingly small were erased instead by the feeling that it was just big enough to see everything comfortably and still run into the same people multiple times. Instead of a single hurried encounter, smiles and waves were exchanged every day of the con. With who, you ask? Amazing folks like Teal Shearer (of The Guild and My Gimpy Life), Rebecca Watson (of Skepchick), Stephanie Thorpe (the fan and actress who is now in charge of the movie rights to Wendy Pini‘s Elfquest), and comics luminaries like Gail Simone, Greg Rucka, and Bryan Q. Miller.

The truth is, even at this stage in my geek development I still feel a veneer of “you don’t belong” at the giant cons I attend, whether it’s suddenly walking past a booth selling lovingly drawn women accidentally dropping ice cream cones into their implausibly large cleavage or one where you can get your picture taken on a throne with two women paid to wear Catholic schoolgirl outfits flanking you. I never had those moments at GeekGirlCon, and that, more than all the celebrity encounters, packed panels, and give it to me now items on the exhibition floor, meant the most. – Susana

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  • Anonymous

    I suspect at least some in the US are mainly thankful at least some of them survived the coming of the European guests.

  • Megan

    Black Widow didn’t have to seduce someone in Avengers, but she did start the movie tied up and wearing a dress. She’s a step forward, but I’m not ready to be thankful yet.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to state that I am thankful that I found “Todd and the Book of Pure Evil” on Netflix Instant Watch a few days ago. Two seasons in less than a week. I also HOPE to be thankful for a renewel to a third season.

  • Jinian

    Yes! Smut Peddler is SO GREAT!

  • Anonymous

    Aww I’m thankful for you guys too!

  • Sylvia Sybil

    “Jennifer Lawrence took the screen as Katniss for the first time… and was exactly how we imagined her while reading the novels.”

    >.< You mean aside from the whitewashing? How Katniss was described as "olive skinned" in the books but only White actors were allowed to audition for the part?

    I mean, yeah, be grateful that The Hunger Games made so much money with a female lead, and that the female lead wasn't sexualized. I'm right there with you. But claiming that JLaw is "exactly" how you imagined a character who's canonically olive skinned is insensitive at the very least.

  • Jill Pantozzi

    I wasn’t referring to her physical appearance there but rather her actual characterization.