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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And That's Terrible

8 Probably Awesome Things We’re Missing At Comic Con This Year

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  • gia manry

    I’ve always noticed that the Dr. Who fandom seems to have more representatives on the East coast than West, at least if cosplayers at anime cons are any way to judge.

  • Michael Krzyzek

    Not so sure about the east/west coast demographics for Doctor Who. But I’m old school, I started watching in the early eighties. Because of that show I met two of my longest friends. Oh and this was in Denver, CO.

  • Kathryn

    An alternate SDCC list:
    1-3. All three Hernandez brothers (Love & Rockets, et al), particularly Gilbert Hernandez.
    4. Becky Cloonan.
    5. Eisner Awards – Anya’s Ghost is nominated for a Young Reader’s award. YAY.


  • Fran

    Just noticed that “And that’s terrible” also links to an article about a guy getting the Black Death.  LOL.  You *really* wanted to go to ComicCon, didn’t you?

  • Anonymous

    I have two exclusive comic con Doctor Who toys. The Fifth Doctor regeneration outfit and the blue outfit Sixth Doctor. I’ve never been to comic con. Come on ebay!

  • Anonymous

    Nooooooo…. I want to go to that Buffy panel SO BADLYYYYYY

  • Aika

    How about JJ Abrams?! Aside from Star Trek and Revolution I just want to see his adorable nose. 

  • Brittany Smith

    I’m somewhat freaking out that I won’t be there for the OUAT panel. 

  • Pamela Marrache

    QUAT and Firefly — both!  What I wouldn’t give to be there.