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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

I Want to Believe

5 Things We Hope We Love in 2012

New Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

New Episodes of Awesome TV Shows

The Walking Dead
Maybe absence makes the heart grow fonder. The sophomore season of AMC’s zombie show had been a bit on the stagnant side until it ended with a heartbreaking bang mid-season before taking a hiatus. It will return in February, when the band of survivors will have to face moving on from what had seemed like a reliably safe (and long-term) home. What will happen to them, especially since they don’t have a defined goal like they did last season?

Game of Thrones
The first season of the epic HBO show was gut-wrenching and gorgeous to watch because of how it wrestled so deeply with our emotions by offing its lead actor and then sticking around to deal with the aftermath. (Something that was obviously not a surprise to regular readers of George R. R. Martin’s books, but still — Sean Bean be dyin’, man.) And now, it’s coming back in April, and we have high expectations.

Doctor Who
Some of us are still getting used to Matt Smith as the Doctor, and we already have to start saying goodbye to his companions, Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill. They’ve announced that the upcoming seventh season will be their last, and with Steven Moffat in charge, we might actually die of tear dehydration when all is said and done. However, we will probably still be treated to a delightful array of hats. And that’s cool.

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  • Allison Haley

    I understand why The Hobbit was on that list of upcoming movies, because there is no doubt that The Hobbit will meet all of our expectations! :) 

  • Anonymous

    “We’ll even forgive the whole “changing the title to an adjective so boys
    don’t think they’re seeing a ‘girl’ movie” thing. Because Brave just
    looks stunning, vibrantly beautiful, and exciting.”

    …aaand that’s why it’s occasionally frustrating to follow this site. You guys need to write a definitive guide to marketing a movie with a female lead I guess. Instead of giving Disney/Pixar credit where credit is due for not dressing this up in pink and green and giving it a title like The Scottish Princess… they go the neutral route and this somehow displeases you. The funny thing about feminism (or ANY other filter for that matter) is that no matter what anyone does, it can always be interpreted as anti-feminist.

    So please, tell us, how should they have titled/marketed the film? I think the title of a female protagonist being called “Brave” is an incredibly forward-thinking, progressive move. I don’t think the title is going to fool anyone into thinking there’s not a girl starring in the film. Just like “Tangled” wasn’t fooling anyone (and that was way more pink).

  • ainok

    I, for one, think Brave is a fantastic title.

  • thelovelyjazmin

    Zooey Deschanel? Really? Reeeaaalllllyyyyy?!

  • Crystal Nehler

    Agreed…the more time goes on, the more grating she becomes.  New Girl is the worst.

  • Nika Kalantar

    I really dislike number 4, not because it’s the loathsome Deschanel but because it is none of our business to tell these people whom they should and should not fall in love with. I’m a cynic and even I think that in our day and age this is the one freedom we are all entitled to

  • Joanna

    What was the original title of Brave?

  • nmlop

    Eh, I’m on the editors’ sides with this one. They’re not saying they’re not going to watch the movie or anything like that, or that it will suck because it’s called “Merida’s Adventure” or something (obviously, that is a crappy title, but you get the idea!). It’s just part of an annoying and sexist pattern. These things don’t happen in a vacuum. “Tangled” is a pretty good title – but the classic story is still “Rapunzel,” just like “Snow White” was “Snow White” (and so on). One could argue that the title was changed not to attract boy audiences, but because it strayed so much with the source material. One could argue that “Brave” has that title for a great reason too, maybe one that will reveal itself once we see the movie – and after all, “Up” and “Toy Story” and other Pixar movies aren’t named after their male protagonists (“Wall-E” is the only one I can think of). It’s still part of an annoying sexist pattern. It’s just like any other type of gendered marketing – one could argue that there’s a great reason that such-and-such is pink, and it’s not about marketing it to girls, or it just really needed to be pink, or it was arbitrary – it would still be part of an annoying pattern of pink marketing, y’know?

  • Frodo Baggins


  • Nika Kalantar

    I dunno, I’m kinda suspicious that they split it into two movies…

  • Carmen Sandiego

    I hate “New Girl” but somehow the idea of seeing her with GJL tickles my geek crush-strings.

  • Adam Whitley

    There’s a disturbing amount of Zooey Deschanel hate in this thread.

  • Priscilla Spencer

    I’m not sure if the title was changed to make it more boy-friendly.  There was nothing boy-unfriendly about “The Bear and the Bow,” unless test audiences assumed Pixar was talking about a hair bow instead of a badass archery bow.

  • Ellen Scott

    Yes, there are many things that can be interpreted as negative while most other people don’t see it. That will always happen. The important thing though, I think, is for people to have a (hopefully respectful) dialogue about it to come to a better understanding together.