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Inside of a dog it's too dark to read

The Real Effect the 3-D Fad Might Be Having on Your 2-D Movies

One of the biggest complaints about the current 3-D technology used in theaters intrinsically creates a darker, less-colorful picture, and according to some investigative reporting, you may be suffering through 3-D’s drawbacks with non of its intended effects anyway.

According to a very good investigative report from The Boston Globe, it’s relatively common practice for theaters that use Sony’s 4K digital projectors, which need an additional 3D lens in front of the regular lens when 3D movies are playing to allow for the polarization effect that makes the 3D image possible, to simply leave the 3D lenses in place when playing 2D fare through the same projector. The result, which the article says affects Regal, AMC, and National Amusements theaters: A dramatically darker picture, sapped of color.

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  • ZADL

    I refuse to see films in 3D anyway. It’s a stupid fad and not worth the extra money.