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January 2012

  1. Here’s 10 Seconds of The Avengers Super Bowl Spot, Because You Just Can’t Help Yourself


    You're drooling over every tidbit. And when Marvel Entertainment says dance, you dance. Now click on.

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  2. Girl Scouts Launch Their Leadership Campaign

    Highly Successful Marketing Strategies

    The Girl Scouts of the USA recently revealed results of a study they conducted on how girls view the concept of leadership. As a response, they are launching a new campaign to support leadership development for girls and cultivate future leaders. 

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  3. Long Exposure Photographs of Fireflies Show Off Their Blinky Brilliance

    The neon signs of the animal world, fireflies have been impressing us non-luminescent humans for millenia. Though their flashes are just a gaudy advertisement for sex, it is no less beautiful -- even more so when you photograph them with a long exposure camera. These photos from Japan capture fireflies as little more than beautiful points of light, while others capture the zigzagging path of the moving insects. It's great stuff, making the forest look almost magical. See more, after the break.

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  4. Meet Anna Watson, the Georgia Cheerleader Who Can Open That Jelly Jar for You

    Great Hera!

    Anna Watson, a junior at the University of Georgia, found comfort and success in weightlifting following a stressful period in her life and eventually found herself looking at a $75,000 modeling contract after turning her arms into those fear-injecting limbs you see above. And then, she changed her mind. Mostly because it was becoming a frightening regimen of intense workouts, consuming 3,000 calories a day, and (legal) steroids. Watson opted out. Now, in addition to being a cheerleader, she's an exercise and sports science major who hopes to become a personal trainer and help others find ways to set their own fitness goals.

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  5. 28,000 to Play Half-Life 2 This Saturday as a for Plea Info on the Future of the Series

    Other than a few instances of playful trolling, Valve has been utterly -- painfully -- silent about the future of the Half-Life franchise for years now. The Half-Life 2 episodes, while not exactly you may have wanted, at least provided that I.V. drip fans so desperately needed until it cruelly ended at Episode 2, and on no less than the  largest ever cliffhangers in the series. Now, members of Steam Group "A Call for Communication," who number around 28,000, are planning to play Half-Life 2 this Saturday as a way of half-demanding, half-begging Valve to talk about Half-Life again.

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  6. Kristen Bell Really, Really, Really Loves Sloths [VIDEO]

    It's A World of Laughter A World of Tears

    I am so excited to show you all this video. Why? Because Kristen Bell is really, really, really excited and it's contagious. As someone who gets extremely emotional when it comes to animals, even just watching them on television, this video makes me very sympathetic for the Veronica Mars/Forgetting Sarah Marshall actress. Her boyfriend gave her a very special present for her 31st birthday, something she'll never forget. A visit from a sloth. And yes, he captured her reaction on video and she let Ellen DeGeneres play part of it on her show even though it's kind of embarrassing. In Bell's own words, "Welcome to @theellenshow ! todays topic? Kristen Bells inability to handle her emotions!" I adore you, Kristen Bell. (via Videogum)

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  7. Wash Yourself With Soda Pop Scented Video Game Soaps, Because Why Not

    You have to hand it to Etsy seller Chrystal Doucette, she really knows her audience. She understands that the right mix of nostalgia, quirkiness, and fine craftsmanship is the key to the heart (and wallet) of any (credit) card carrying geek. That's probably why her store specializes in soap cast into the shape of video game paraphernalia. Consoles, controllers, cartridges, companion cubes, Rubik's Cubes; they've all been cast in soap. That's not all: Many of the soaps come in such appetizing flavors as Mountain Dew and grape soda. She even has a collection of caffeinated, pop-scented shower gels. If her work has one flaw, it's that much of it relies on stickers -- making them prettier to look at than to use. That said, it's a pretty amazing collection. See more pictures, after the break.

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  8. The Best Hunger Games Gifts for Your Valentine

    May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

    Gearing up for a District 12 style romance this Valentine’s Day? So maybe your night won’t end with you and your partner cupping death berries, but that doesn’t mean your lover wouldn’t appreciate a HG-style gift.

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  9. OK Go Explains Primary Colors on Sesame Street in Glorious Stop Motion

    Even if you don't care for the musical stylings of Ok Go (and if you don't, I suspect you're not even human), you have to admire their sheer earnestness and their interest in attaching themselves to cool projects. The group recently appeared on Sesame Street, explaining the finer points of color theory -- namely, how primary colors -- work with some great stop motion animation and a catchy pop number to boot. I'll be humming about how you can make orange from red and yellow for the rest of the day. See the video, after the break.

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  10. Neil Gaiman & Todd McFarlane Settle Spawn Dispute, Clarify Comic Book Copyright

    I will make it legal!

    A long-time lawsuit, over who owned select characters created for McFarlane's Spawn, between creators Neil Gaiman and Todd McFarlane has finally been settled. And according to Gaiman, the suit sets a new precedent for comic book copyright that could prove beneficial for the industry going forward. 

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