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November 2011

  1. Portal 2 Shower Curtains Contain Less Than 1% Mercury

    If you are getting a little sick of your tastefully designed pastel blue shower curtain with the clear liner that doesn't have enough magnets in the bottom to keep it attached to the tub, and you really dig Portal, you should probably head on over to ThinkGeek and get yourself the above Aperture Laboratories branded shower curtain. If you are willing to drop $19.99, you can show your bathroom how much you love Portal, as well as obtain what is probably the only shower curtain in existence with a footnote, which lets you know that your brand new shower curtain contains less than 1% mercury.

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  2. Rumor of the Day: HBO Ordering 2 More Seasons of Game Of Thrones, Filming Them Back-To-Back

    Winter Is Coming

    As someone who's in the middle of George R. R. Martin's A Storm of Swords, the third book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, I can tell you this new rumor has me pretty excited. Word is, HBO is planning on renewing Game of Thrones for an additional two seasons, that's two more AFTER Season 2, and that they'll be filming them back-to-back. You can thank the fans who have been praying to both the Old Gods and the New. More on this story and three set shots from the upcoming season after the jump!

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  3. Google's $29 Billion Revenue In Perspective [Infographic]

    You already know what things are smaller than Apple's sizable market cap, but wouldn't you also like to know what is smaller than Google's $29 billion in revenue? Of course you would. You already know that it's bigger than the amount of money you could expect to earn in several particularly good lifetimes, but what if I told you it exceeds the GDP of 28 entire countries? Combined. Oh, and 97% of that, which is a cool $28.13 billion? Ad revenue. Well this infographic by Business MBA can tell you all that and more. Forget being a fireman; when I grow up, I think I want to be a Google.

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  4. United Nations Hacked, Accounts Leaked

    Hacker collective TeaMp0isoN has leaked account information -- email addresses and passwords -- after hacking the United Nations. The accounts belong to individuals spread throughout groups within the United Nations, such as the United Nations Development Programme, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, and others. On their Pastebin dump, TeaMpoisoN noted that some of the user ids had blank passwords, something that is even ridiculous for your mom's junk email account to employ, much less a United Nations organization account.

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  5. Cunning Forgery of the Day

    Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    As someone who has Skyward Sword, Arkham City (look it just came out for PC, okay?), and a brand new World of Warcraft patch to plow through, I could really use something like this. And a life where parental permission could still get me out of my personal obligations. Yeah. That too. (via The Hairpin.)

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  6. Skyrim is the First Western Game to Receive a Perfect Score From Famitsu

    While gaming magazines are being replaced over here in the U.S. in favor of the Internet, at least one gaming rag is still going strong over in Japan, the venerable Famitsu. Notorious for its scoring system, the magazine has four different reviewers award up to 10 points each for a game, with the possibility of a 40 out of 40 perfect score. Since the very first issue released back in 1986, the publication has only awarded 17 perfect scores, but never to a Western game. However, this is no longer the case, as Famitsu finally broke that trend by awarding Skyrim with a coveted 40 out of 40.

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  7. Ms. Piggy Doing Impressions of Other Muppets

    Ask a Muppet

    There are lots of other (SFW but perhaps slightly naughty for the Muppets) gems in this MovieFone Unscripted segment between Amy Adams, Jason Segel, Kermit and Piggy, but we'll leave you to discover them. (via ToughPigs.)

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  8. Mario Opera Makes a Classic More Classy [Video]

    There is a Spider-Man musical, so why not a Mario opera, right? Get ready for a big surprise: The Mario opera is actually really good. Okay, so it might be a stretch to call this one song in a stereotypical opera style -- and a stereotypical Italian accent -- an "opera," but it's not a stretch to call it awesome. The song is courtesy of legolambs, a YouTube channel devoted to pop culture musicals and run by Jon and Al Kaplan. Check it out. It's a terrific way to spend 2:49 minutes and justify calling a huge part of your childhood "high culture."

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  9. David Tennant And The Cast of Doctor Who Tell Amazing Bedtime Stories

    Things to Do With Your Kids

    There once was a show called Doctor Who. It ran for a verrrrry long time and had some really, really talented actors. One day, they told us bedtime stories. The end. Ok, not the end. Doctor Who cast members David Tennant, Alex Kingston, Christopher Eccleston, John Simms, Freema Agyeman and John Barrowman have all taken part in the BBC tradition that is CBeebies. It's a channel, one of the only free on the BBC, for preschoolers where the final hour of every day is dedicated to bedtime. And at the end of that hour a celebrity reads a bedtime story (actually they read 5 but spread them out over a week). It's a pretty cool concept and we're lucky enough that most of them are available on YouTube. I found that Tennant and Agyeman were the best storytellers of the bunch but Simms actually used voices for the characters and that was the last thing I expected from The Master. Go watch the rest and have sweet dreams! (via GeekMom)

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  10. Geekolinks: 11/29

    Can NASA get by without nuclear power? (Universe Today) How AT&T plans on saving its floundering T-Mobile merger (Gizmodo) 3 reasons all gamers should play Skyrim (Make Use Of) Get a bunch of hugs from Internet people ( Cute piggies taking a swim (BuzzFeed) Men In Black 3 is actually happening (G4TV) Charles Walton, father of RFID technology, has died (Engadget) (title pic via reddit)

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  11. Things We Saw Today: Star Wars, Retold by Unicorns, on a T-Shirt

    Things We Saw Today

    If you don't think unicorns are badass, you obviously didn't play D&D with Susana in college. (Threadless)

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  12. Toyota "Fun-Vii" Concept Car is Basically a Rolling iPhone

    Debuting yesterday at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show, the Toyota Fun-Vii is a bold vision of the future. A future where the entire exterior and interior of your car is a video display, for some reason. Also, it looks like the Batmobile mated with a Prius. I'm dreading the future already.

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  13. Marti Noxon Says Yes To Writing Ouija Film For Hasbro

    Cautiously Optimistic

    I haven't consulted a Ouija board in years but if I had asked one who would wind up writing the forthcoming Ouija film for Hasbro I would have been happy to slowly watch it spell out the name Marti Noxon. The writer/producer probably best known for her time working on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, just wrapped up the big Fright Night remake and has a whole lot of other projects on her plate but as we've just learned, she will indeed be heading back into the supernatural realm with Ouija. 

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  14. Angry Birds Now Available on Your Head

    I'd call it fake, but it's hard to say given how much people love Angry Birds and the fact that it shows up just about everywhere.

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  15. Sir Patrick Stewart is the Nougaty Center of This Delicious Student Sci-Fi Short

    It Came From Outer Space

    Just wait for it. Students at University of Huddersfield, where Sir Stewart is professor and chancellor, we salute you. Also we're jealous that you have Patrick Stewart to run an occasional drama course. (via io9.)

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  16. Study: Ravens Might Communicate Using Gestures

    Ravens have proven to be some of the most surprising species of birds, having demonstrated the ability to use tools and even solve complex puzzles. Now, new research from Simone Pika and Thomas Bugnyar suggests that these clever birds might use gestures in order to communicate with each other.

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  17. Why Won’t Siri Talk About Abortion Clinics?

    Imagine What You'll Know Tomorrow

    Huh. So this is interesting. While most of us are busy worrying about whether Apple's new Siri program on the iPhone 4S will eventually turn into Skynet, folks have been testing its limits (or just saying ridiculous things to it while intoxicated). It seems that when you ask the intelligent software assistant where to get an abortion you'll get responses that range from anti-abortion crisis centers to absolutely no results but not actual places to get abortions. The same goes for asking about places you can obtain emergency contraception. So now we pose this question to Siri, "Are we reading too much into this or is that a little odd?" 

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  18. Google Maps 6.0 Tackles Indoors, Makes Minimap a Reality

    Google Maps, not content trying to map the entire outside world is now moving in the new, logical, but still mind-blowing direction of mapping indoors. Coming part and parcel with the Google Maps 6.0 for Android devices is the new indoor functionality that will allow users to basically carry around a minimap in their pocket. Intended to help you figure out where the menswear section is, or where you can find the nearest bathroom, or the nearest exit, Google Maps interiors can not only show you the map of the floor your on, but also those directly above and below you and keep track of which one you're actually on. Just when I thought I was starting to get jaded about this sort of stuff, Google blows me away. We're living in the future, people.

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  19. Ray Bradbury Allows Fahrenheit 451 to be Published Digitally

    Publisher Simon & Schuster has announced that Ray Bradbury has relented and his classic Fahrenheit 451 will be released today as an eBook. Well, it's about time, Ray. Yeah, I know that it's spooky that a book about the decline of reading and book burning is being released as an eBook, the format that directly competes with the printed word. And, yes, Bradbury has been a longtime proponent of written books and has, according to the WaPo, referred to the Internet as "a big distraction," but that doesn't mean he can't get with the times! Besides there's, nothing sinister about reading Fahrenheit 451 on my Kindle.

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  20. A Big Welcome to Our Refocused Sister Site The Jane Dough!

    The Mary Sue

    We've always felt a bit maternal over Mogulite, the only site in our network that's actually younger than us, but that might change now that they're getting a redesign, narrowing their focus, and horning in on the coveted lady-news sector! Just kidding. Obviously there's room enough for everybody. Amy Tennery and Hillary Reinsberg, the ladies behind Mogulite, started out chronicling "the lives of moguls from the professional world." While doing that, however, they found that there was a lot of interest, oddly enough, in news about women in the professional world.

    As Tennery explains, the stories written from the professional female perspective have attracted a lot of attention on the site and it made sense to refocus the content. Abrams says that TheJaneDough will call out sexism, highlight top female CEO’s, with the tagline “The business news we knead.” (Techcrunch)
    Jane Dough, you had us at puns. You can read more about the relaunch at Mogulite.

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