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November 2011

  1. The Walking Dead Is Named the Highest-Rated Cable Drama


    Well, this is certainly good news for zombie fans: after its mid-season finale this past Sunday, AMC's The Walking Dead was named cable's top-rated scripted drama, pulling in 6.6 million viewers in the crucial 18-49 age demographic. The episode, entitled "Pretty Much Dead Already," got almost as many viewers as the second season premiere (7.26 million). Still, a good showing, and good news for the third season, even though that was already happening anyway!

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  2. Frequency and Accuracy of Poop-Throwing Correlates with Intelligence in Chimps

    Chimps throw their poop at people, in the zoo at least. This is a verifiable fact, one that many of you zoo-goers may have experienced first hand. When you think about why they throw their poop at people, you're likely to come up on an explanation something along the lines of "Well, they're animals." While that is true, Bill Hopkins of Emory University, has done a study that shows that the chimps who throw their poop the most often and are the "best" at it, are actually smarter than chimps who throw less frequently and less accurately.

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  3. Harrison Ford Might Join Ender’s Game

    Consider the Following

    Harrison Ford doesn't do a whole lot of work these days, tending to pick his projects carefully, staying away from the genre that made him a household name. (Sometimes this works out, sometimes it doesn't.) But it looks like at least one more sci-fi franchise of the 80's is interested in getting him to play a chiseled authority figure, namely: the production of Ender's Game. According the Variety, he's on a list of actors being approached to play the role of Colonel Graff, the head of Battle School and the face of Earth's militaristic and psychologically remorseless campaign of crafting child soldiers and strategists. In the book, Graff's actions eventually reveal (spoiler paragraph follows)

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  4. AT-ST Makes For The Best Tree House Ever

    It's almost not a tree house at all, but this homemade AT-ST fort is one of the coolest things I wish I had a child. Granted, it's no Timber Wolf fort, (we use Clan names here; take your "Mad Cat" nonsense somewhere else) but it is pretty crazy awesome. It doesn't look like you'd really be able to see out of those front windows, but you probably spend most of the time inside pretending you're on Endor anyways, so it doesn't really matter. Geek dads for the win.

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  5. DIY Private LCD Monitor Looks Blank Unless You're Wearing Magic Sunglasses

    There are all kinds of privacy screens you can get for monitors that ensure that no one else can see your screen unless they're looking for the exact right angle. That'll work most of the time, but how about a way to make the screen show as blank, even when you look at it dead on? Also, it requires no additional materials except a cheap pair of glasses. Sound amazing? That's because it is, and it's completely DIY.

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  6. Some Grandmotherly Advice on Social Media

    Wise Words

    Spanish artist Chacho Puebla has always wanted to do some sort of project with his great-aunt, his sister, and typography. (As we all do.) And what he's come up with for this photography collection is an excellent photo essay (entitled "Grandmother Tips") featuring a woman of another generation, bestowing some much-needed wisdom on the internet.

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  7. Superpower Or Curse? The Woman Who Remembers Everything

    Clever Girl

    On countless occasions I have wished I had a better memory (I have trouble remembering things that happened yesterday) but if I were Jill Price, I could remember the exact number of times I actually had that thought. Price has had perfect recollection of every single event in her life, including those simply happening around her, since she was 12-year-old. And you thought you were cool because you remember all the words to Back to the Future

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  8. Study Shows Some People Can Hallucinate Color At Will

    Hallucinating color is not just a great name for your indie rock band's next record, but also something certain "highly suggestible" people have been proven to do. While gazing deep into a monochrome pattern, a group of test subjects -- first under hypnosis, and then not -- reported being able to see colors in the designs, colors that were not actually there. It turns out that being "highly suggestible" does not just mean that you can be easily convinced that those are not, in fact, the droids you are looking for, it also means that you may have the ability to self-hypnotize and consciously affect your perceptions.

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  9. In an Infinite Amount of Parallel Tumblrverses, Dave Coulier Was Bound to Reign Supreme

    Single-serving Tumblr The Same Picture of Dave Coulier Every Day posts the same picture of Dave Coulier every day. It might also be home to the only Dave Coulier favicon on the Internet. Either Tumblr must be crowned King of the Comedy-Based Internet, or it must be stopped. It is difficult to tell which is the better option.

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  10. Gee, Thanks: Marketing Science to Girls by Reinforcing Gender Stereotypes


    Okay, what's wrong with this picture? If you guessed the "boys science" and "girls science" thing, then yes -- that is what this post is going to be about. Oh, educational toy manufacturers! When will you get it through your smarty-pants heads that getting girls to become interested in science does not have to entail convincing them that "their" science has to be "feminine"? It's not even the pink, you guys. It's the segregation. Who's to say that girls don't want to take part in "boy science"? My heart weeps for the girls who want to make slime and the boys who want to make crystals.

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