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February 2011

  1. The Enterprise Command Chair, Covered in Tribbles, As a Cake

    The Final Frontier

    We know the sounds are probably not coming from the cake, but dammit we can still dream. (via CakeWrecks' Twitter.)

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  2. Baby Thinks Ripping Paper is Comedy Gold [Video]

    We already have proof that babies are pretty adorable when they think things are funny. This eight-month-old baby simply adds to the growing bevy of evidence that yes, babies are pretty adorable when they think things are funny.

    (via BuzzFeed)

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  3. Color Code Reveals When Bread Was Baked

    Because looking for the expiration date on the bag takes way too long: WiseBread tells us that a commonly used (though not legally binding) system among bread makers allows consumers to figure out the day of the week that a given loaf of bread was baked by glancing at the color of the twist-tie that wraps it. Blue is for Monday, green is for Tuesday, red is for Thursday, white is for Friday, and yellow is for Saturday. (Apparently, by custom, fresh bread was not delivered on Wednesdays and Sundays.) The colors proceed in alphabetical order, B-G-R-W-Y. Though this scheme gets the "true" verdict from Snopes, use it to guide your bread-purchasing habits at your own peril: Apparently, the bread color code can vary by region and country. Snopes recommends that you "Contact the manufacturer of your favorite brand and ask what (if any) color-coded tag system they adhere to and what their delivery schedule to your favorite store is, then let your selection be guided by that," though that sounds like it's taking it a little far. (WiseBread via Consumerist)

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  4. Fake SNL Products That Were Actually Created


    AdFreak reported today that a Mexican brewery has begun manufacturing the "world's first gay beers," Purple Hand Beer and Salamandra. Well, I knew this was already factually incorrect. Not the "gay beer" part. The "first gay beer" part. Because everyone knows that the first "gay beer" was Schmitt's Gay Beer, from the independent brewery of ... the Saturday Night Live writers' room. But gay beer is not the only SNL "product" that became real. Let's take a look back, shall we?

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  5. Could OpenMesh Prevent Government-Imposed Internet Blackouts?

    In the past two months, the world has on multiple occasions seen governments preventing their populaces from accessing the Internet during times of existential political crisis. It's not hard to characterize the Egyptian and Libyan use of an Internet blackout as a direct attack against the groups that sought and still to topple their political leaders, as the protestors in those countries relied on web-based platforms to organize their protests and inform the world of their plight. But Shervin Pishevar hopes to end any further restriction of Internet traffic with his OpenMesh project. On its website, OpenMesh says that the will "find the best of breed Open Source Technologies and to build partnerships with existing technologies that would allow us to create a private citizen owned communications infrastructure." In short, OpenMesh aims to give individuals the tools to remain connected with each other and the world at large without relying on the existing communications infrastructure, that, as demonstrated in the recent unrest in the middle-east, are quite vulnerable. OpenMesh would create an independent, ad-hoc, user-based network that would be far more robust and out of the hands of anyone -- government or otherwise -- that would seek to restrict communications.

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  6. Town Ordinances Say Girl Scouts Can’t Sell Cookies in Front of Girl Scout Founder’s House

    Great Hera!

    The Savannah, Georgia area Girl Scout troop is adjusting to the revelation that it actually wasn't legal for them to sell Girl Scout Cookies outside of the Juliette Low House, the childhood home of the founder of the Girl Scouts, because the sidewalk up front was public property.  Randolph Scott, zoning administrator, did his best to find them a loophole after complaints were made, calling for a survey to find them some possible private space in the area to sell on, to no avail.  Use of a nearby courtyard would block a fire exit.
    "I know it doesn't look good," Scott said. "However, other businesses won't care if it's the Girl Scouts or March of Dimes. They're going to say, 'Why can't I sit out front and solicit business?' "
    While the Scouts themselves are disappointed, they are taking it in stride.

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  7. Geekolinks: 2/28

    What's day-to-day coding work at Microsoft like? (Foredecker) Arrington: How Chris Sacca And J.P. Morgan Acquired 10% Of Twitter Via Huge Secret Secondary Fund (TechCrunch) The 83rd Academy Awards: Kinda meh. (The Mary Sue) "Haunted" Majora's Mask urban legend becomes playable game (Joystiq) Memeopoly (Urlesque) Your favorite children's books translated into Latin (Flavorwire) How to turn a laser into a tractor beam (Technology Review) (title pic of a real, actual opera house recently opened in Guangzhou, China via Dezeen)

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  8. F7U12 Rings: Interpersonal Relations Edition


    Tired of wearing traditional jewelry that doesn't express your personality as much as it expresses how much debt you just put yourself in? Are you obsessed with Internet memes? Oh my god! There are totally rings with Internet memes on them now. And they will absolutely express how you're feeling, whether it's trolled, or trollin', no heat-sensitive liquid crystal required.  And what better way to propose than with Forever Alone Guy...

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  9. Riding the Video Game Hype Train to Nowhere

    There is definitely something to be said for a moving, cinematic trailer. A trailer that really pulls on the old heartstrings is a rarity in the land of video games. It should come as no surprise, then, that the recent one for Techland’s Dead Island has successfully raised some eyebrows. But what is it that people are being sold here? Is this a conceptualization of a video game or a short film?

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  10. A Tiny Cinderella Reading A Story To R2-D2


    Epbot caught this duo in the act at Miami Comic-Con, and say that R2 was "responding enthusiastically with beeps and whirs."

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