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January 2011

  1. Geekolinks: 1/30

    Skyward Sword getting "finishing touches" before release (Destructoid) Welcome to ChatotRoulette! (Dueling Analogs) Gene Roddenberry's original pitch for Star Trek (PDF) (Lee Thomson) Rock Band can actually teach you how to play actual drums (Destructoid) The Japanese Spider-Man is exactly as intense as you'd expect (YouTube) How to make 6 different Rube Goldberg machines (Geeks Are Sexy) Muppets made out of balloons! (Black Cat Balloon Company on Flickr) (Pic via Cake Wrecks)

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  2. Elmo Makes A Pregnant Lady’s Day, Surely Gains a Future Fan

    Elmo Monster, and his little known alter ego Kevin Clash, have been making the press rounds this week in the promotion of their bio-pic Being Elmo: A Puppeteer's Journey.  This video is from the premiere of the movie at the Sundance Film Festival, when Clash invited a pregnant festival attendee up on stage to meet Elmo. You might want to bite down on something hard, because these levels of adorable have been known to cause seizures. No matter what else happens in videos where you see the Muppeteers behind the Muppets, the best moment for me is always the split second where the puppet stops being a furry sock, and is suddenly a person.  It never ceases to amaze. (via ToughPigs.)

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  3. FCC Asks Court to Throw Out ISP Anti-Net Neutrality Lawsuits

    Earlier this week Verizon and MetroPCS filed suits contesting the FCC's new net neutrality statues, the ones that aren't even as firm as most internet users would hope. The FCC is now requesting that the DC appeals court in which the suits were filed throw them out, on some solid but incredibly procedural grounds. In as nutty a nutshell as we can get, people aren't allowed to sue part of the government in front of the DC circuit court before the thing that they are suing about is published in the Federal Register by that part of the government.  The FCC's new rules have only been announced. Verizon countered by saying that since the new laws would affect their licenses, the suits fall under a law about licensing, which says that you can sue as soon as the law is announced. But it doesn't stop there.

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  4. Imagine Jupiter Filling the Entire Sky [Video]

    After being inspired by the recent lunar eclipse, Brad Goodspeed wondered what the sky would look like if the planets in our universe were as close to Earth as the moon is and revolved around us. And it would probably amaze us while, at the same time, scaring the crap out of us. Imagine if he'd included all 63 of Jupiter's moons? Ouch. (Click through to watch in HD.) (BradBlogSpeed via Neatorama)

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  5. Warner Bros. Casts a New Superman: You’ll Believe Henry Cavill Can Fly

    Straight from Deadline itself: Henry Cavill, veteran of The Count of Monte Cristo, Showtime's The Tudors, and Stardust has been tapped to play Superman in Zack Snyder's new reboot. Says Deadline:

    Warner Bros clearly has chosen a more macho leading man for Superman than the previous Brandon Routh.  Cavill also has a past with Superman. Before Bryan Singer came on to direct Superman Returns and cast Brandon Routh, Cavill had been one of the frontrunner choices for directers Brett Ratner and McG when they were going to helm the picture. That Superman was younger, and this time, the intention was to cast an actor near 30. Cavill will be 28 this year, so things worked out just right for him.

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  6. Is Amazon Competing with Netflix Now?

    Amazon has reported major profits selling books. Is it trying to take over streaming online video as well? Engadget reports that for a little while, Amazon Prime subscribers saw a screen offering free streaming video, which looks a lot like Netflix Watch Instantly. Does this mean Netflix might have something to worry about?

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  7. Mark Zuckerberg Was Adorably Psyched to Be on SNL

    Oftentimes, when a public figure has been maligned in the press, they try to redeem themselves by showing that they have a sense of humor about themselves, that they're not the self-absorbed wanker we think they are. Saturday Night Live is usually a choice venue for redemption because most likely, the cast and writers have already had their shot, but they're a bunch of comedy nerds who don't really want to cause a stir with people they come into direct contact with (who are also billionaires). Sometimes, these public figures come on the show and fail. But Mark Zuckerberg? Success.

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  8. Geekolinks: 1/29

    Battlestar Galactica gets online beta date (Eurogamer) Handmade Beowulf socks for wearing and reading (The Sanguine Gryphon) Little Big Planet 2 Launch Event Seeks to Make Guinness Book of World Records (Destructoid) Pixar plays it old school, builds a Studio Ghibli-inspired zoetrope (Tor) Woman seeks corporation for good times, marriage, romantic political statement (The Palm Beach Post News) A fully functional Antikythera Mechanism built out of Legos (NatureVideoChannel on YouTube) Own a fully functional car from Captain America for less than $10,000 (Screen Rant) (Pic via Reddit)

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  9. Live Action Axe Cop [HD Video]

    Axe Cop: The Movie - Part 1 from Peter Muehlenberg on Vimeo.

    So there's Axe Cop. And now there's Axe Cop in live action. And this is only the first episode. (Thanks Elan!)

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  10. Girl Scouts Ditching Exactly the Right Cookies

    The Girl Scouts have announced the end of five varieties of Girl Scout cookies, and when I first read this, I was worried. Really worried. And then I saw the flavors they were getting rid of, and I rejoiced. This is not a casualty of the dumpy economy -- this is a victory. America has been saved. Saved from bad cookies.

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  11. There Is (Was?) a Russian Mystery Science Theater

    Mind blowing whole episode here.  From the YouTube Description, Google Translated:

    The protagonist - Stepa is a guinea pig at the Institute of Brain. His mind processes the old movies the villain Professor Zamyshlyavkin. But friends - talking dog ketchup and cynical penguin Fidel always ready to joke in the most dangerous places for the psyche! Watch movies with the steppe, ketchup and Fidel - the best entertainment for fans of black humor!
    The premise, the globe spinning mad scientist, the red robot and the yellow beaked robot, the robot roll call, the shot in the theater where one of the robots looks directly into the camera... it's all there.  That guy even looks kind of like Mike.  For comparison. We don't doubt that Russia has some amazingly bad films to give the MST3K treatment, but do they have Rifftrax? (via io9.)

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  12. Ebooks Outsell Actual Books on Amazon

    Amazon released its quarterly report for the end of last year and says that for every 100 books sold on its site, it sells 115 Kindle ebooks. This doesn't include the ebooks that are offered for free (seriously -- free books!), and if it did, the report said the numbers would be pretty huge. Has Kindle created more readers out of people who didn't previously read now that it's available on iPads, phones, computers, and, of course, the Kindle?

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  13. Internet Kill Switch Bill Back in Action On the Same Day Egypt’s Internet Was Shut Off ಠ_ಠ

    After making it through the Homeland Security Committee in December, Senator Susan Collins' Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act of 2010 faded from view during the mid-term changeover in Congress, and quite a few people fervently hoped that it would stay that way. Unfortunately, Wired Magazine was informed by the bill's sponsor on Friday that Collins plans to reintroduce the "internet kill switch" bill to a Senate committee quite soon.  Friday, of course, was also the day that Egypt shut down it's own internet in a futile effort to stop mass protests.  (An action that, if it continues past Sunday, may be significantly damaging to Egypt's economy.)

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  14. “Can You Explain What Internet Is?” [Video]

    Awww. Our adorable past. Archeologists have been able to trace the first known email address addressed to NBC's Today Show, but there's evidence that the concept of email was never fully explained to the show's hosts. Watch as hosts Bryant Gumbel and future CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric try to understand first the "@" symbol as it relates to email, and then "Internet." It should also be noted that Couric has since figured out the Internet (and started using the definite article to refer to it, I assume). (Warming Glow via The Daily What via io9)

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  15. The Tie-mernator [Video]

    When a tie needs to be tied, you send in an expert to take care of that. A robot whose soul function is to tie a necktie would probably fit the bill. Artist Seth Goldstein created this kinectic sculpture that elegantly ties, unties, then reties ad infinitum. Artistically, it's a fascinating demonstration of a simple task recreated with technology. For us, it's just awesome. Rube Goldberg would be proud. (via Geekologie)

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  16. Geekolinks: 1/28

    The 5 Best Cults (Neatorama) The Geopolitics of Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego? (The Atlantic) Hobby Shop Guy Rips of Peter Jackson for $189k (A Distant Soul) Yoda Bathrobe Pales in Comparison (Fashionably Geek) Decorate Your Walls With Giant Marvel Prints (Comics Alliance) The Colonel's Secret Recipe Revealed! (Internet Today) Gandalf is Better than Dumbledore (Geeks are Sexy) (pic via Fashionably Geek.)

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  17. 25 Years After the Challenger Disaster

    Space flight, if you think about it, is really terrifying. Ambitious, absolutely. Also dangerous and risky, and every astronaut knows this. Most of us will be Earth-bound the entire time we exist and never even fathom ourselves leaving our home planet's atmosphere. But a small amount of people do -- literally -- go above and beyond places we will never go, and that should be celebrated. And when we lose some of those people in their question to discover, it's best to mourn what could have been and honor what they had strived to achieve. Today marks 25 years since the Challenger disintegrated 73 seconds after it launched, on an uncharacteristically cold day in Florida, and at the insistence of people who flew, figuratively, a little too close to the sun.

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  18. 17x17x17-inch Cube Puzzle Will Make Your Brain Hurt

    Hey, feeling bored for the next 275 days? How about a 1,539-piece Rubik's Cube to keep you occupied? Dutch puzzlemaker Oskar van Deventer is responsible for creating the cube puzzle, which took 10 hours to dye and sort and then another 5 hours to assemble. So, if it took the guy who invented it 15 hours to make it, to say nothing of how long the design took, it should take us mere mortals ... the rest of forever and then another fortnight. Give or take a few minutes. (Shapeways via Gizmodo)

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  19. Tyrannosaurus Rex: Fearsome Predator or Loathsome Scavenger?

    From the Department of Validating Awesome Things From Your Childhood comes a happy bit of news – Tyrannosaurus Rex is officially a predator again. Many of us gleaned form elementary school field trips that the Jurassic Park star and archetype for enormous, terrifying murder-lizards was a bloodthirsty apex predator. This has been called into question in recent years, with T-Rex being more commonly classified as a scavenger. But something about that always seemed off in our heart of hearts, because, you know, it’s T-Rex. Picking at leftover carcasses for a meal would be most unbecoming for a dinosaur of this stature.

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  20. Water Bazooka Powered by Jet Engine

    China's Luoyang City fire department spent $456,000 on what is essentially a water bazooka, presumably in order to destroy buildings that are on fire, no doubt a roundabout way to extinguish a fire. After all, no more building technically means no more building on fire. The crazy thing was built using a fighter jet engine, and can shoot four tons of water per minute over 400 feet, while being able to rotate almost 360 degrees. Kind of makes your Super Soaker look a little weak.

    (via Geeks Are Sexy)

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