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this exists

Coming This Summer: Every 2011 Summer Blockbuster in One Trailer

Screen Rant’s mashup trailer of sixteen different movies that come out this summer reminds me that I need to start saving (money and time) if I want to be able to catch ‘em all. I mean, I still have to find the time to see Hanna.

My favorite part: at 2 minutes in, we all realize that every trailer has a clip where the hero moves his gaze slowly from a point somewhere below the camera to a point somewhere above the camera.

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  • Lionmml

    Wow cool. But uh Geesh Screen Rant couldn’t you have added more women? We see movies too. And if Harry and Voldemort do not face off being surrounded by people I will be furious. Nice trailer though.

  • Erincb87

    I dunno if it’s that Screen Rant didn’t add women, or just that, well, this is Hollywood summer movies we’re talking about. Do you really think there are going to be any women other than a few pretty faces acting as props and decorations? What I really never understood was why Hollywood (and other media) doesn’t market this kind of thing to women by using good female characters (or really any marketing at all), because frankly, that means they’re missing out on fully half of paying consumers. You’d think they’d want to make as much money as humanly possible…