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What's with the name?

Allow us to explain.

And All Was Right With the World

190 Reasons to Love Bill Nye

One for every second of this video. When I was a kid I used to check out VHS tapes of Bill Nye The Science Guy from the library, and now I can watch the show through hugely complicated electron-moving networks on my highly advanced personal computer, or more specifically, by using a completely free internationally used video sharing website.

Science does, indeed, rule.

(via UpWorthy.)

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  • Brand

    I think things need to change at a school level also. I loved science and aways wanted to go into different science fields. But by the time I was in high school I didn’t believe I was good enough to get into a science field. My school experience ruined my desire to learn. When I back to college (after dropping out before) doing something that I liked and had more control over my classes I excelled. But in high school I couldn’t pick my teachers or drop a class if I didn’t like a teacher. A teaching style and learning style don’t always match up well.

    Also, a lot of classes used science equipment from when the school was built in the 1950s and really didn’t make a great impression on us.

  • Anonymous

    I first saw Bill on “Almost Live!” on Comedy Central. The character was played a bit more for laughs on that show, but the science he showed was still sound.
    Mia Wallace’s argument about Elvis and People and Beatles people could also be applied to Bill Nye people and Beakman people.

  • Anonymous

    Every story about Bill Nye is ruined for me because I have two (separate) acquaintances who either worked for him or served him at a restaurant, and they both said he was insufferably rude and condescending. Yay, the science; boo, the ego. :-(

  • Erin Treat

    In all this latter day adoration of Nye, it seems that Beakman who was a better teacher and had a better show is being overlooked.

    I never liked Nye’s show that much because his idea of teaching was to repeat things at you over and over. I got it the first ten times and I wanted him to go deeper into the subject.

  • Anonymous

    Choosing a teacher at an earlier age is an excellent idea. A lot of thought would have to go into how to implement such a thing but I got the same thing you did. In college I have excelled after the initial laziness. I credit the initial laziness to having so much choice after having so little. Choice is important and I don’t know why we wait until much later to give it to people, especially when it is the time when the choices they make are arguably the most important. It is very much sink or swim.

  • Amanda

    Interesting… I’m from the Seattle area and a lot of kids in school claimed to know him or know somebody who knew him. He was universally rumored to be a douchbag in real life.

  • Anonymous

    I teach some first-year courses at a university, and I agree with you. I spend the semester teaching them about the subject, but also about how to be a college student. That includes starting my first-day lecture with, “And if you don’t think you will like me or this subject matter, please go drop my class and find another. I won’t be offended and you will be MUCH happier for it, as will I.” Students need to know that they have rights, responsibilities and choices that are much different from high school, so they can make good decisions in moving their lives forward.