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10 Greatest Fighters of Fictional Nazis

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A certain imminent movie release got us thinking about Nazis, and how, unusually, for an actual historical movement, they've developed into the kind of perfect narrative scapegoat that's normally reserved for entities of entirely fictional origin. Which is not to say they don't deserve it, because they do. Overwhelmingly so. It makes perfect sense that they're right up there with zombies, demons, and non-sentient robots as entities that heroes are allowed to be absolutely brutal to without catching flack for it or otherwise in some way exploring the moral consequnces of their actions. There's nothing morally questionable about fighting fictional Nazis. Just look at those similar examples I just listed. There are plenty of sympathetic non-sentient robots in literature, demons and zombies, too (frequently in parody or satire, but sometimes played straight). But a sympathetic Nazi (a Nazi through and through, that is, not a character who was peer pressured into the party, attempted to right the wrongs he had committed, or given some other kind of moral out)? You're looking at a Monty Python sketch. And because there's nothing morally questionable about fighting Nazis, when characters do, it lends itself to delightfully unfettered storytelling. If the villain makes the hero, then it doesn't get much more heroic than fighting Nazis. And where would the Indiana Jones movies be without Nazis? Well, they'd be Temple of Doom and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull respectively, but perhaps that just reinforces my point. You are always in for a good time when the heroes are fighting Nazis. Not actual Nazis, but fictional Nazis, the yelling, sputtering, cowardly, goose-stepping caricatures that we've created in an attempt to make some, any kind of sense out of the act of genocide. And then have our heroes punch it right in the freakin' face. As usual, this Grid is dedicated to the runners up: Bigby Wolf, Donald Duck, Bobby Shaftoe, and all of the Inglourious Basterds.

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