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  1. Bond Girl: Re-Watching and Re-Evaluating Diamonds Are Forever

    I'm going to miss Sean Connery's Bond showing up in the Eon Production films, but Diamonds Are Forever is basically the best movie on which to send him out. It exemplifies all the good and bad about Connery's Bond films and the franchise as a whole. I definitely lost track of how many times I watched the film, but it was definitely worth it.

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  2. Things We Saw Today: Harley Quinn Was Supposed to Be On Arrow!

    But now, she's ready for her big-screen close-up.

    It's not fair, Mr. J! There were plans for Harley Quinn to actually have a larger role on Arrow than her brief cameo in Season 2, but then Suicide Squad happened, and DC put the kibosh on it. (via Uproxx)

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  3. Bad Gamer Part 7: What Happens If You Play Through Dragon Age: Inquisition Like A Total Jerk?

    The decorators are in and are starting to haul broken bits of wood, brick and other debris out onto carts. I pick past them and make off to meet this mysterious friend Varric wants me to meet.

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  4. Teen Gamer Pleads Guilty to “Swatting” Female Gamers Who Turned Down His Advances

    *Incoherent screaming.*

    This is where the commonly espoused wisdom of "just turn the guy down"/"just ignore him" meets the harsh reality of "some entitled dudes do crazy things when women don't do what they want."

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  5. Orphan Black #CloneClub Recap: “Certain Agony of the Battlefield”

    "Nut up, and lead me to the Cyclops."

    Welcome to this week’s Orphan Black #CloneClub Recap! Episode 6 of the season, “Certain Agony of the Battlefield” gives us some answers about the Castors, as well as THE BEST SCENE THIS SHOW HAS EVER DELIVERED. EVER. Let’s dive in!

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  6. “Still a Fairytale”: A More Detailed Look at How Transfriendly STEM Jobs Are

    A few weeks ago we posted an article on how transfriendly STEM jobs are. Many of our transreaders responded with their own stories.

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  7. Tyler James Williams Talks Miles Morales and the Lack of Young, Black Superheroes; Confirms Jaden Smith to Play Static Shock

    "It's about time. I would love to see it now, but I would hate to see it not done right."

    Today in "we could have had it all" news, The Walking Dead and Everybody Hates Chris star Tyler James Williams has said he's read for Marvel and would "absolutely love" to play Spider-Man.

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  8. Penny Dreadful Review: “Evil Spirits in Heavenly Places”

    In which Lily smacks down the patriarchy despite only being alive for like, a hot minute.

    This week's Penny Dreadful picks up right where we left off, with Vanessa finishing her witchy tale in front of the whole gang. Also, I want to apologize for the Patti LuPWN joke I clearly should have made last week, because she was amazing in that episode.

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  9. Showtime Now Making 18 New Episodes of Twin Peaks, Angelo Badalamenti Set to Return

    Where we're from, the birds sing a pretty song and there's always music in the air.

    Showtime seems determined to do its new season of Twin Peaks right: according to new details revealed at this weekend's Crypticon, the season will be nearly twice as long as originally projected, will feature a score from original composer and perpetual bad-ass Angelo Badalamenti, and will be filmed on the Washington State set.

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  10. Buffy’s Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan Reunite and Share Adorable Pics

    The family that stakes together stays together.

    Buffy the Vampire Slayer ended 12 years ago last Wednesday, and over the weekend, stars Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan got together to make the entirety of the Internet long for the good old days—and to hang out together, probably. Mission accomplished.

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  11. The X-Files Newbie Recap: “Gender Bender,” “Lazarus”

    Hello friends! After a week's break (during which my nation did something truly wonderful), our The X-Files newbie recaps are back. This week we have one great, properly weird episode and one that played a little like a tamer Criminal Minds. Let's proceed.

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  12. Things You Shouldn’t Ask Trans People, Even If You Want To

    Especially if you want to.

    This video from BBC Three's Free Speech tackles many of the questions that people tend to want to ask trans people, but really shouldn't—like "Have you had the op?" Paris Lees, Fox Fisher, Veronica Blades, Munroe Bergdorf, Dani Gibbison, Adeleh Sasansara, and Harry Taylor give some hilarious, intelligent, and direct responses.

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  13. Monday Cute: Prairie Dogs & Dogs Forever

    Oh those are some sweet prairie dogs but what about when they get together with their doggy best friends??

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  14. RIP: Actress, Comedian, and Stiller Family Matriarch, Anne Meara, Passes Away at 85

    I wish we didn't have to start and end the day with news about a death, but sadly, popular film, TV, and theater actress Anne Meara has passed away of natural causes at the age of 85.

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  15. Things We Saw Today: Father-Son Star Wars Cantina Duo

    We envy this kid's piano lessons!

    I love it when geek parents and geek kids get geeky together. Check out this video of a father and son jamming out to the Star Wars Cantina music. This kid's piano lessons must be so awesome! (via Nerdist)

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  16. Amy Schumer and Paul Feig Teaming Up On Mother-Daughter Comedy; Feminist Game Still On Point

    Amy Schumer is not only hilarious, but she's been wowing us lately with her increasingly feminist commentary via her comedy. Meanwhile, Paul Feig has been creating platforms for some of Hollywood's funniest women, the most recent example of which is, of course, his upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. Now, they're teaming up for a new comedy!

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  17. Cannes Asked Attendees to “Refrain” From Selfies On the Red Carpet, Because They Don’t Like Fun Or Joy?

    Damn, Cannes Film Festival. I mean, I know you're fancy and all, but no selfies on the red carpet? No selfies?! What's next, no flat shoes for women? Oh, wait.

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  18. Female Korean Activists, With An Assist From Gloria Steinem, Cross the DMZ For Peace In Korea

    A group of female peace activists, collectively known as WomenCrossDMZ, led by Christine Ahn, founder of Women De-Militarize the Zone, marked the 70th Anniversary year of Korea's division into North and South by crossing the DMZ between North to South in peace today. The group was joined by feminist activist, Gloria Steinem, and Nobel Peace laureates, Leymah Gbowee and Mairead Maguire.

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  19. RIP: Mathematician John Nash and Wife Alicia Nash Perish In Car Crash

    The Beautiful Mind was 86.

    If you saw A Beautiful Mind, you may have not only become fascinated by game theory, but also by the life of Nobel Prize-winning mathematician, John Nash. While his life was way more complicated than was presented in the film, there's no question that his work in game theory, and more recently in geometric analysis as a senior research mathematician at Princeton, changed both fields forever. Sadly, he and his wife, Alicia Nash, passed away yesterday in a car crash in New Jersey.

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  20. Do You Feel Loki? Hypnosis, Brainwashing, and The Avengers

    “‘You have heart.’ Loki points the head of his spear at Barton's head. Barton's eyes suddenly glow BLACK. The ability to control Barton's mind is now in Loki's hand.”

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