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  1. Review: The Boy Next Door Is As Bad As The Trailer Looked

    Stupidity in all its wide-screen glory.

    The Boy Next Door clearly wants to have the same appeal that The Guest had last year, but the minds behind this movie clearly don’t understand “why” Adam Wingard's film worked. Instead of being fun and campy and featuring a really magnetic performance from the two leads, we get a movie which isn’t even so bad its good - it’s just really, really bad.

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  2. Here’s Ezra Miller Talking About His Personal Flash Origin Story

    And I cried and I was in the bath?

    Remember how Daniel Radcliffe first learned he'd be playing Harry Potter while sitting in the bath, and he cried? Now you can watch Ezra Miller tell Josh Horowitz how he learned he'd be starring in The Flash.

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  3. Show and Tellblazer – Constantine: “A Whole World Out There”

    I gotta be honest, the title of this week's Constantine makes me want to sing the Aladdin soundtrack.

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  4. Study Says Binge-Watching Is For Lonely & Depressed People & Those Who Lack Self-Control


    Oh hello there, what's this? Another study telling us about the dark side of all that binge-watching? Oh joy!

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  5. An “Elusive,” Goofy-Lookin’ Megamouth Shark Was Found On A Philippines Beach

    Babadook shark!

    So imagine you're just walking along the beach one day, maybe picking up seashells and just taking in the majesty of the universe, when you come across this thing.

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  6. Why All Those Sexist Complaints About The New Ghostbusters Movie Are Garbage

    I simply love the first Ghostbusters movie, though I know it has issues. It gets lost a little in the last third, and its treatment of women is not exactly that positive (right from the opening, where a professor is targeting a student for sex). Despite that, I’d still argue that the movie contains some of the greatest filmmaking of all time. Okay, I might be biased as I'm a fan, but even Bill Murray agrees. Clearly he's not biased because he's Bill freaking Murray.

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  7. Review: Submarine Heist Black Sea Is Here For All Your Jude Law Underwater Needs

    Good acting, a clever concept, and great directing saves this movie from sinking.

    I'll be honest, Black Sea was a movie I was pretty interested checking out. See, if I have one fear in the world that cab bring on horrific panic attacks, it's being trapped in deep water.

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  8. Things We Saw Today: Pixel Art Hair Styles Because 2015 Is the Future

    But where are our flying cars!?

    It's 2015—the year of the future! Let's all put our clothes on inside out and dye our hair to look like a computer glitch! All the cool kids are doing it.

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  9. The Mary Sue Interview: Period Pioneer & HelloFlo Founder Naama Bloom on All Things Vagina

    A series of Fallopian tubes!

    The best introduction for Naama Bloom's one-of-a-kind period subscription service HelloFlo (like Birchbox, but for your hoo-ha!) might be Camp Gyno, the company's viral ad from 2013 featuring the world's youngest gynecologist.

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  10. The Mary Sue’s Favorite Comments of the Week: Robot Ultron Abraham Lincoln

    Abraham Lincoln: Avenger Hunter?

    Another week has gone gently into that good night, but you (and your knowledge of America's Greatest Robot President) helped make it memorable!

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