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  1. JK Rowling: A Bibliography Sounds Like the Behind the Scenes Look So Many Fans Crave

    Want to know some of my favorite words when it comes to Harry Potter? "slavishly thorough and somewhat mind-boggling."

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  2. Things We Saw Today: A Marauders Pendant With Which To Manage Your Mischief

    It is a generally tried and true rule that I will want to throw my money at anything marauders-related, but that is especially true when we're talking a pendant that seems to hold a teeny-tiny Marauder's Map all folded up inside. (via Fashionably Geek)

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  3. [UPDATED] Michelle Rodriguez Says People Of Color Should “Stop Stealing All the White People’s Superheroes”

    *deep sustained sigh*

    Say it ain't so, Michelle Rodriguez.

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  4. Feel All the Things With These Touching Leonard Nimoy Tributes

    The world lost a great man Friday with the passing of Leonard Nimoy. The news was followed, fittingly, with a lot of tributes and remembrances of Nimoy's life and accomplishments.

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  5. Electra Woman And Dyna Girl‘s Getting A Reboot With Youtube Badasses Grace Helbig & Hannah Hart

    Yes, the world has been under siege by unnecessary reboots for a while now. But this most recent reboot news? That awesome Youtubers Grace Helbig and Hannah Hart are starring in the return of Electra Woman and Dyna Girl? I just do not have it in me to be cynical about this one. I am so ready.

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  6. Get All Up Inside Volcanoes With The Help Of These Brave, Doomed Drones


    I'm not gonna lie, my brain spent most of its time watching this video just going "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Which I will defend as perfectly natural, because volcanoes are all kinds of awe-inspiring badassery and drones are allowing us to get all up in their innards.

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  7. Comics 201: The Best Comics You’ve Never Heard Of; Or, Small Press and Self-Published Highlights

    Yes, if you were wondering, that is the most hipster title I could think of, because nothing says classic hipster more than talking about underground comics.

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  8. Review: Everly Is A Disappointing, Brutal Mess

    Salma Hayek proves she's too good to make a good-bad movie.

    Everly held a lot of promise - the bad-ass trailer, which seemed to come out of nowhere, excited audiences ready for a lady version of Liam Neeson’s Taken. But instead, what we get is a messy, tonally schizophrenic movie that's so cruel and sleazy it's impossible to enjoy as just another shoot-em-up.

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  9. Things We Saw Today: Guinea Pig Cosplay, No Big Deal

    You can check out more of Chikuwa the guinea pig's cosplay pics over on Incredible Things.

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  10. Former Kryptonians Helen Slater & Dean Cain Head to CBS’s Supergirl

    Once you're in the Super family, you're in it for life.

    Am I super excited about this news? You bet!

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